Friday, December 16, 2016

Global Currency Market recover against dollar

Global Market stable overnight, and the euro, yen and pound all recover a bit of ground against the dollar, as the greenback surged to 14-year highs vs. the euro and a broader basket of currencies yesterday as markets repositioned for a faster pace of Fed rate hikes over the next year. The yen has plunged 11% vs. the dollar since Pres.-elect Trump's election victory last month, surpassing the Mexican peso's 10% slide to become the worst performing major currency during the period. The weaker yen will make Japan’s exports more competitive and could boost growth, and the Nikkei index has gained for eight straight days, but bond prices have been under pressure amid a global debt selloff. In China, fears that a rising dollar will destabilize trading in the yuan has sent the currency to its lowest against the dollar in more than eight years and raised concerns that outflows could increase

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